2015 Taiwan Cycling Festival – Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday Bike Festival

Event Date: November 15th (SUN)
Event Time: 07:00 to 11:00
Event Location: Xiang Shan Tourist Center
Event Run-Down
06: 30
Contestant Registry Contestant Registry Operation, Route Explanation, Safety Promotion, Explanation of Guidelines
07: 15
Opening by Host
07: 20
Introduction of VIP, VIP Speech
07: 30
Start Riding Series One: Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Tan Nan Tribe Challenge
07: 50
Start Riding Series Two:  Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Round-Lake Challenge
09: 30
Start Riding Series Three:  Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Family Bike Easy Tour
10: 00
Start From Venue Series Four:  Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Children Push Bike Race
10: 30
Halftime Performance Monocycle Clown Show
11: 00
Halftime Performance BMX Stunt Bike Sensational Show
13: 00
End of Event
※Information of various events above and actual performance time shall be based on organizers’ onsite announcements.